Rejuvenate Your Business with Lenco Mobile Advertising

Businesses are hard to thrive amidst the cut throat competition in the present day world, especially if not supported by suave promotional activities. Advertising is indispensable for business promotions and can be as equally heavy on the pocket. However, the advertising scenario has changed a lot over the last few years following the advent of mobile advertising.

Truly speaking, the mobile phone has given an almost new dimension to the way business is done today. Just a couple of years back, the business and corporate world were relying entirely on conventional methods of advertising like billboard advertisement, television and print media advertisement. However, the coming  of age of mobile marketing has been a turning point to the whole concept of advertising in general.

Mobile advertising has managed to secure the required edge over other forms of business promotions by being able to garner the maximum eyeballs. While larger than life billboards and flashy print advertisements create an aura of optimal presence, it is really difficult to estimate the rate of conversion from those ads. However, with mobile advertising, you have the advantage of directly connecting to your consumers on their mobile phone or smartphone, in the comforts of their home with minimum deviation.

Connect with your consumer directly with Lenco Mobile advertising

Mobile marketing is a burgeoning market and choosing the right mobile platform is as indispensable as creating an enthralling advertisement that speaks your business and giving you the unique selling point (USP) over the others. Lenco Mobile, with its pioneering mobile commerce experience, is an accomplished player in the field of mobile marketing and advertising. It has envisaged successful mobile advertising for a large clientele making it one of the most sought after professional mobile services provider.

It is always advantageous to seek professional tips and guidance from accomplished players in the field of mobile commerce like Lenco Mobile. Mobile advertising is a niche sector and is known to attract a whopping 95 percent readership. Therefore, it is equally important to create alluring video based advertisement for MMS messaging and send it across to your customer base.

However, that calls for a critical analysis of your target market and if location based advertisements fit the bill, Lenco Mobile makes sure to customize your mobile marketing plans accordingly. So what are you waiting for? Take the advantage of Lenco Mobile marketing services to increase your traffic, leads, conversions and sales to boost your business revenues.

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Boost your Business Revenue with Lenco Mobile Broadband

Mobile phones are not just limited to voice-based communication or the SMS messaging anymore; it has now become more of a complete contrivance through which you can connect to the world and also keep yourself updated. Mobile broadband is the latest thing to be happening in the mobile business and has contributed immensely in revolutionizing mobile subscriber’s access and activities over the internet.

A recent survey by Campbell, a California based research firm, reveals encouraging facts about the burgeoning scope of mobile broadband. As per the study, mobile broadband subscribers will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 104 percent between 2007 and 2011. So if you are really positive about taking your business to the next level, you should take note of this development in the field of mobile broadband and promote mobile business.

However, it is always recommended to seek professional advice from experts in the given field like that of Lenco Mobile to help you make informed decisions as to how to boost your business revenues. Lenco Mobile offers customized solutions that can help you make strategic business moves so as to capitalize on this growing trend, mobile broadband revolution.

Give your business a new dimension with Lenco Mobile Broadband

You may unleash the power of Lenco Mobile to give your business a new dimension by exploring the various opportunities available, courtesy of internet technology in general and mobile broadband to be more precise. Industry experts are optimistic that mobile broadband will score over fixed broadband in terms of popularity and usage by early 2011. And this trend is attributed to driving factors like  an influx of innovative devices, enthralling applications and services and lower price point to a great extent as well.

Lenco Mobile guides you to the enduring world of mobile business where you can reach out to your consumers in every nook and corner of the globe anytime with Lenco Mobile broadband services coupled with the power of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is a powerful tool which helps you to promote your business – products or services en route to a mobile phone. Lenco Mobile will help create powerful video based advertisements with an interesting concept and stream it to a large database of mobile subscribers.

The purpose of this mass advertising is to ensure that the target audience remains glued in, initiate viral marketing by forwarding the streamed video ads and lead to more conversion and sales. In a way, mobile broadband has finally substituted the need for new and alternate revenue streams that can supplement the conventional voice communication and messaging revenues.

Lenco Mobile broadband services open new avenues for your business. Mobile subscribers who up until now have been using web based mobile services to check news reports, sports headlines or weather forecasts will get on watching  alluring video based advertisements  and interactive applications that will work towards reinforcing customer loyalty and boosting revenues.

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Lenco Mobile Search Volume – Coming of Age!

Mobile search is nonetheless a boon for all who are on the move and rely heavily on search based services for their business requirements. While mobile search has recorded a significant growth in the recent years with some even predicting the current year 2010 as the Year of the Mobile Phone; the results of the first quarter on mobile search is indeed encouraging.

Studies have revealed that smartphone users like those of Apple iPhone have searched 62 percent more than the previous years in the initial quarter itself; while Android devices recorded a 300 percent growth in mobile search over the same period. Another interesting trend to be noted is that smartphone users are found to be making mobile search which is 50 times more than those made by standard mobile phone users.

Lenco Mobile
search – soaring new heights…

The year 2010 is also seeing a steady growth in the business of mobile advertising. This new age mobile technology has been made popular by acknowledged mobile platforms like Lenco Mobile to name one. Lenco Mobile specializes in creating exclusive winning strategies that helps you reach out to your consumers and patrons located in every nook and corner of the world with MMS messaging.

This genre of advertising is quick, hassle free and cheap in comparison to print, billboards and media advertising as it is the sure shot way to garner more eyeballs than the others. Also, mobile messaging is known to be effectively read by over 95 percent of mobile subscriber and 85 percent of subscribers have given their thumbs up on receiving such mobile advertising MMS in the future.

‘Click to Call’ search ads – Bringing value to business

Lenco Mobile, a pro in the business of mobile advertising, is constantly evolving the new techniques adopted in various aspects of mobile technology for giving your business the required edge over your competitors. While spirited MMS messaging services from Lenco Mobile have proved to be a highly successful mobile advertising option in the recent times; it is now implementing more guaranteed mobile advertising features like ‘Click to Call’ search ads.

So what is ‘Click to Call’ search ads? Well, this feature allows the advertiser to add phone numbers to their ads. ‘Click to Call’ search ads are expected to generate more leads, make greater conversions and thus multiply sales as well. Here you will not only be able to track the number of calls you are getting per keyword or campaign, but at the same time can identify the target market location – which of course is promising for your business.

Lenco Nobile advertising incorporated with mobile search will indeed remain pivotal to the way business is done today. And in this age of mobile messaging nothing can beat the speed and accessibility factor of mobile devices.

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Lenco Mobile Campaign Management is Crucial for Success

Are you running an ad campaign for your business? Then ensuring maximum visibility of your ads in websites and various ad placement networks must be a major concern for you. It does not matter how well written the text in your ads is and how great your offers are. Without proper visibility, your ads are worth next to nothing. That is why you need proper campaign management to ensure that your ads are visible to the highest number of visitors possible every day. With proper campaign management, each ad you place on websites, ad rotator networks or search engines can be rotated at different intervals, improving the ROI (Return Over Investment) as much as 200%.

Ad placement is not enough

Simply placing ads on websites is not enough to ensure those will do the job. In order to attract the attention of visitors, you need to vary the location of the ads in web pages and advertisement networks, as well as the type of ads visible. For instance, if you have placed a banner ad at the top of the page, then a certain time later it should be visible at one side of the page. Still later, it could be a box ad, placed close to the bottom of the page. This kind of variation makes sure that your ads look different each time the page is visited. Besides, if these ads are placed on a good ad rotator network then the rotation will take place automatically without you having to worry about it ever again.

Popular ads need to be pinpointed

Not all ads get the same amount of visibility. Some ads get clicked on more frequently than others, which is why you need some sort of tracking system that allows you to find out exactly which ads are getting clicked on the most in ad networks and websites. Once this is determined you can focus on rotating those ads a lot more than others, potentially getting a huge improvement in the rate of ROI than ever before. Maintaining a database with this information will also help in the long run. A good campaign management service from a reputable company like Lenco Mobile will usually include this service in the standard package itself.

Always get in touch with a reputed internet marketing organization before you start your ad campaign. That way, you will be able to be rest assured that your campaign is in the hands of professionals who know what they are doing and how to do it properly.

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Lenco Mobile – The Future of Mobile Advertising

Advertising is the gateway to successful business and mobile advertising, to be precise, is one of the most powerful tools engaged by companies across all sectors to boost business revenues. The global mobile marketing industry is expected to grow to 5 billion before 2011 and touch the $24 billion mark by 2013. And this cannot be possible without strategic breakthroughs in innovative mobile and MMS messaging services.

Any business or product, however outstanding it may be, is not considered successful until the time your customers endorse it. And what better a medium than mobile phone to reach out to your customers and make them aware of your products and services. This is indeed the power of mobile commerce where the brands in business can reach out to every individual irrespective of their remote location through advertisements; and if reports are to be believed mobile users actually love it.

Mobile advertising poised to touch new heights

Recent statistics has revealed that more than 250 million Americans carry mobile phones, which is approximately over 80 percent of the nation’s population. This is an encouraging trend for the mobile advertising sector considering the fact that 4 out of 5 teenagers carry a device. And most significantly, the young generation of mobile phone users contributes as the primary agents for viral marketing.

Research trends have slotted viral marketing – considered simply the most successful tools in mobile advertising- to be one of the most strategic tools in promoting your business. However, that primarily calls for a brilliant and compelling advertisement that can prove to be  worthy of being forwarded by users. This is, in fact, a smart way to generate revenue and boost your business, without actually investing in marketing.

The success of mobile marketing also seems to have attracted more and more brands to opt for mobile advertising as its primary marketing strategy. Nonetheless, choosing the right mobile platform services along with a revolutionary advertising product is the first step towards a successful mobile commerce campaign.

Lenco Mobile: empowering businesses with mobile marketing

Speaking of the right platforms brings to mind Lenco Mobile – the global leader in mobile marketing and advertising. Lenco Mobile is the perfect blend of experience and innovation – the qualities you would prefer in a mobile solutions provider to boost your business revenues. Lenco Mobile solutions come loaded with the breakthrough ideas and pioneering technology of cutting edge mobile advertising.

It is true that with the changing face of marketing strategies where brand building online is conducive to catch more eyeball; mobile advertising is integral to any brand’s marketing campaign. Come unleash the power of Lenco Mobile and empower your business with mobile advertising – the new age tool to boost business revenues with effective marketing.

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Lenco Mobile Carrier Billing Can Help You Be More Trustworthy To Your Customers

Are you still relying on age-old payment systems like credit card processing to provide services or sell items to your customers through your online business website? It is high time you changed the system, to make your customers feel more secure when conducting transactions with you. How about switching to mobile carrier billing? It is fast, more secure than any other method around, and has consistently posted successful results in ensuring customer satisfaction, as per the results of major market researches.

Still not convinced, eh? Then you should definitely check out these benefits that only mobile carrier billing can offer to you and your customers:

  1. Top notch security: Mobile carrier billing is way more secure than any other form of online payment will ever be. In this method, customers place the order for items, and pay using their mobile phones, by sending their phone number and a special PIN number to your mobile server. The server sends the customer’s data via special applications to the bank, where the data is processed, and the sale amount is transferred to your company account. The process is extremely secure, and can be further encrypted to ensure even greater resistance against any kind of hacking attempts.
  2. More popular among customers: Your customers are bound to like the extremely high degree of security the system brings to online transactions. Moreover, the system is completely hassle-free, as far as the customer is concerned. All that the customer needs to do is send an SMS to your company’s mobile server with his or her mobile number and the PIN. The rest of the task will be taken care of automatically, without the customer having to lift a finger.
  3. Promotes business: With a secure and easy to use payment system like this, your customers are bound to visit your stores more. Have you heard how, during the early days of credit card billing system customers would flock to the few eCommerce websites online that supported the feature? Just imagine how much extra revenue those websites made, simply because they were bold enough to adopt a nascent technology. Nowadays it is the same way with websites supporting full-fledged mobile carrier billing system. Switch to it, and you will notice a welcome boost to your monthly revenue shortly.

Mobile carrier billing is one of the best ways of ensuring customer satisfaction and earning excellent revenue, month after month. However, the platform needs to be well chosen; otherwise the entire system will be doomed to fail. Always contact reputable mobile carrier billing service providers like Lenco Mobile to get the system set up properly and to ensure smooth online business transactions, one after another, for a long time to come.

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Lenco Mobile Content

Do you plan to start a business creating mobile content for subscribers? Then you should plan it well before starting the work. Mobile content will certainly have a much larger exposure to clients and customers and can consequently bring in a lot more revenue than most other means of earning money online. However, this rate of exposure is just as much dangerous as it is beneficial for your business.

Mobile content can be accessed round the clock and from anywhere via most mobile devices. Thus if you upload the proper kind of content in your mobile platform, you will gain substantial revenue from those. However, you need to get a platform which you can use as a base for serving mobile content to your customers and clients. Once you have the platform ready, you can choose the types of content you wish to share with customers. Your choices may include:

  1. Wallpapers: Users of high end mobile handsets love to download wallpapers for their handsets. You can take advantage of this by having a section for wallpapers in your mobile website. Just remember to have different resolutions available for the wallpapers. You cannot always predict which resolution will be compatible with a particular user’s mobile handset.
  2. Screensavers: The preinstalled screensavers in high end mobile phones may look great at the beginning but often grow boring after a certain amount of time. By having a decent collection of high quality screensavers in your website, you can ensure that more and more customers would want to download them as time progresses.
  3. Games: Games constitute one of the most popular types of mobile products so the advantages of including these in your website should be a no-brainer. However, you need to make sure that the games are actually fun to play. Always get these developed by reputable developers like Lenco Mobile to ensure that the games are bug-free and well-designed to capture the customer’s attention from the word go.

Last but not the least – make sure you monetize your mobile content properly. Wallpapers and screensavers should be fairly inexpensive to buy while games could certainly cost a lot more. However, make sure that none of the products seem too pricey for its quality because then the popularity of your mobile website is sure to take a nosedive pretty soon. Your developers can possibly provide you with excellent advice in this regard so have a chat with them prior to launching the mobile content on your website.

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