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Lenco Mobile Smartphone Races

Mobile OS Jog-A-Thon

In 2010, according to Nielson, there has been an increase in smartphone adoption.  In recent acquirers of a handset, 45%  chose a smartphone in November 2010 as compared with 34% in June.*

*By analyzing the margin for error in the Nielson analysis, ReadWriteWeb points out that Apple and Blackberry are tied for the top spot or tied at the third spot Android holds.

How does this compare with your selection of a mobile phone on your carrier?  Do you prefer BlackBerry or iPhone?  There are exponentially more app choices progressing from Blackberry to Android and then iPhone.  Is this a factor?

Market share in the smartphone realm has also been affected recently.  Per Nielson’s current analysis, Apple still takes the lead in market share with 28.6% trailed by RIM at 26.1% and Android in third with a 25.8% share.

ReadWriteWeb adds, “The stats are remarkably different in terms of recent acquirers.”   (Recent is defined by Nielsen as mobile phone users who have acquired phones in the last 6 months.)  From this perspective, Android is the leader with 40.8% choosing this OS instead of Blackberry at 19.2% and Apple 26.9%.

The appeal of Android devices for many consumers may be based on the lower price point.  Do you find price point to be a key influencer in your decision to choose an operating system?  Or, is it just the “cool” factor in having the latest, greatest apps on your smartphone?  Lenco Mobile offers platforms for many different types of mobile phones.

Top 10 Handset Sprinters**

Notice how iPhone clinches the top spot and three spots overall.  Samsung is 2nd and has two spots in the list.  Blackberry is 4th securing 3 spots overall.  Motorola and LG appear only once in this list however the Motorola Droid’s popularity especially on Verizon secures the 3rd spot.  iPhone has come down in cost which may have influenced its position in the top spot.  One exciting development in the news of late, is that at an enterprise level, companies are allowing their workforce to choose the handset of their choice.  We may see a spike in certain handsets.  The marketing push carriers are making for each of these devices also will have an effect on who wins the race.

1)      iPhone 3G S

2)      Samsung SCH-U450 (Intensity, Doubletake)

3)      Motorola Droid

4)      RIM Blackberry 8500 series (Curve 8520, 8530)

5)      Apple iPhone 4

6)      Apple 3G iPhone

7)      RIM Blackberry 8300 Series (Curve, 8310, 8320, 8330, 8350i)

8)      LG VX9200 (enV3)

9)      Samsung SCH-U350 series (Smooth, Glint)

10)   RIM Blackberry 9700 (Bold)

**(According to Nielsen Data from Sept 2009 – Sept 2010)

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