Boost your Business Revenue with Lenco Mobile Broadband

Mobile phones are not just limited to voice-based communication or the SMS messaging anymore; it has now become more of a complete contrivance through which you can connect to the world and also keep yourself updated. Mobile broadband is the latest thing to be happening in the mobile business and has contributed immensely in revolutionizing mobile subscriber’s access and activities over the internet.

A recent survey by Campbell, a California based research firm, reveals encouraging facts about the burgeoning scope of mobile broadband. As per the study, mobile broadband subscribers will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 104 percent between 2007 and 2011. So if you are really positive about taking your business to the next level, you should take note of this development in the field of mobile broadband and promote mobile business.

However, it is always recommended to seek professional advice from experts in the given field like that of Lenco Mobile to help you make informed decisions as to how to boost your business revenues. Lenco Mobile offers customized solutions that can help you make strategic business moves so as to capitalize on this growing trend, mobile broadband revolution.

Give your business a new dimension with Lenco Mobile Broadband

You may unleash the power of Lenco Mobile to give your business a new dimension by exploring the various opportunities available, courtesy of internet technology in general and mobile broadband to be more precise. Industry experts are optimistic that mobile broadband will score over fixed broadband in terms of popularity and usage by early 2011. And this trend is attributed to driving factors like  an influx of innovative devices, enthralling applications and services and lower price point to a great extent as well.

Lenco Mobile guides you to the enduring world of mobile business where you can reach out to your consumers in every nook and corner of the globe anytime with Lenco Mobile broadband services coupled with the power of mobile advertising. Mobile advertising is a powerful tool which helps you to promote your business – products or services en route to a mobile phone. Lenco Mobile will help create powerful video based advertisements with an interesting concept and stream it to a large database of mobile subscribers.

The purpose of this mass advertising is to ensure that the target audience remains glued in, initiate viral marketing by forwarding the streamed video ads and lead to more conversion and sales. In a way, mobile broadband has finally substituted the need for new and alternate revenue streams that can supplement the conventional voice communication and messaging revenues.

Lenco Mobile broadband services open new avenues for your business. Mobile subscribers who up until now have been using web based mobile services to check news reports, sports headlines or weather forecasts will get on watching  alluring video based advertisements  and interactive applications that will work towards reinforcing customer loyalty and boosting revenues.

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