Lenco Mobile Search Volume – Coming of Age!

Mobile search is nonetheless a boon for all who are on the move and rely heavily on search based services for their business requirements. While mobile search has recorded a significant growth in the recent years with some even predicting the current year 2010 as the Year of the Mobile Phone; the results of the first quarter on mobile search is indeed encouraging.

Studies have revealed that smartphone users like those of Apple iPhone have searched 62 percent more than the previous years in the initial quarter itself; while Android devices recorded a 300 percent growth in mobile search over the same period. Another interesting trend to be noted is that smartphone users are found to be making mobile search which is 50 times more than those made by standard mobile phone users.

Lenco Mobile
search – soaring new heights…

The year 2010 is also seeing a steady growth in the business of mobile advertising. This new age mobile technology has been made popular by acknowledged mobile platforms like Lenco Mobile to name one. Lenco Mobile specializes in creating exclusive winning strategies that helps you reach out to your consumers and patrons located in every nook and corner of the world with MMS messaging.

This genre of advertising is quick, hassle free and cheap in comparison to print, billboards and media advertising as it is the sure shot way to garner more eyeballs than the others. Also, mobile messaging is known to be effectively read by over 95 percent of mobile subscriber and 85 percent of subscribers have given their thumbs up on receiving such mobile advertising MMS in the future.

‘Click to Call’ search ads – Bringing value to business

Lenco Mobile, a pro in the business of mobile advertising, is constantly evolving the new techniques adopted in various aspects of mobile technology for giving your business the required edge over your competitors. While spirited MMS messaging services from Lenco Mobile have proved to be a highly successful mobile advertising option in the recent times; it is now implementing more guaranteed mobile advertising features like ‘Click to Call’ search ads.

So what is ‘Click to Call’ search ads? Well, this feature allows the advertiser to add phone numbers to their ads. ‘Click to Call’ search ads are expected to generate more leads, make greater conversions and thus multiply sales as well. Here you will not only be able to track the number of calls you are getting per keyword or campaign, but at the same time can identify the target market location – which of course is promising for your business.

Lenco Nobile advertising incorporated with mobile search will indeed remain pivotal to the way business is done today. And in this age of mobile messaging nothing can beat the speed and accessibility factor of mobile devices.

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