Lenco Mobile – The Future of Mobile Advertising

Advertising is the gateway to successful business and mobile advertising, to be precise, is one of the most powerful tools engaged by companies across all sectors to boost business revenues. The global mobile marketing industry is expected to grow to 5 billion before 2011 and touch the $24 billion mark by 2013. And this cannot be possible without strategic breakthroughs in innovative mobile and MMS messaging services.

Any business or product, however outstanding it may be, is not considered successful until the time your customers endorse it. And what better a medium than mobile phone to reach out to your customers and make them aware of your products and services. This is indeed the power of mobile commerce where the brands in business can reach out to every individual irrespective of their remote location through advertisements; and if reports are to be believed mobile users actually love it.

Mobile advertising poised to touch new heights

Recent statistics has revealed that more than 250 million Americans carry mobile phones, which is approximately over 80 percent of the nation’s population. This is an encouraging trend for the mobile advertising sector considering the fact that 4 out of 5 teenagers carry a device. And most significantly, the young generation of mobile phone users contributes as the primary agents for viral marketing.

Research trends have slotted viral marketing – considered simply the most successful tools in mobile advertising- to be one of the most strategic tools in promoting your business. However, that primarily calls for a brilliant and compelling advertisement that can prove to be  worthy of being forwarded by users. This is, in fact, a smart way to generate revenue and boost your business, without actually investing in marketing.

The success of mobile marketing also seems to have attracted more and more brands to opt for mobile advertising as its primary marketing strategy. Nonetheless, choosing the right mobile platform services along with a revolutionary advertising product is the first step towards a successful mobile commerce campaign.

Lenco Mobile: empowering businesses with mobile marketing

Speaking of the right platforms brings to mind Lenco Mobile – the global leader in mobile marketing and advertising. Lenco Mobile is the perfect blend of experience and innovation – the qualities you would prefer in a mobile solutions provider to boost your business revenues. Lenco Mobile solutions come loaded with the breakthrough ideas and pioneering technology of cutting edge mobile advertising.

It is true that with the changing face of marketing strategies where brand building online is conducive to catch more eyeball; mobile advertising is integral to any brand’s marketing campaign. Come unleash the power of Lenco Mobile and empower your business with mobile advertising – the new age tool to boost business revenues with effective marketing.

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