Lenco Mobile AdMax SEO Toolbar

In today’s age of smartphones, mobile SEO plays a key role in the overall SEO strategy for any organization. Whether it’s spreading the word about an upcoming product launch or gaining inbound traffic to promote an existing service, mobile SEO is vital.

Want to launch a Mobile SEO campaign? Evaluate the AdMax Media SEO Toolbar, a subsidiary of Lenco Mobile.

Is mobile SEO any different than standard SEO practices followed on the web? Mobile search engines have different algorithms than those used for the internet. Mobile search engines treat your website as if it was being rendered on a mobile phone and they use these criteria to rank the search results. In a nutshell, mobile SEO requires specific domain expertise related to mobile phones and it’s not advisable to opt for an online SEO service provider for your mobile marketing needs. With several thousand satisfied customers, Lenco Mobile has proven competence in mobile SEO as well as mobile marketing and advertising.

Lenco Mobile, a global leader in mobile advertising and marketing, recently unveiled the AdMax Media SEO Toolbar, an industry first FireFox Add-on that consolidates the best SEO tools into a single browser plug-in.

Installing the AdMax Media SEO Toolbar, brought to you by a subsidiary of Lenco Mobile, is as easy as you like and takes less than a minute. It provides valuable information such as load time, page size and number of requests for any webpage viewed in FireFox. The AdMax Media SEO Toolbar uses a number of well-known metrics such as Google PageRank, Yahoo SiteExplorer, a number of DMOZ listings, domain age and others in order to present highly accurate SEO statistics.

Lenco Mobile is a champion in mobile marketing and the link building capabilities of AdMax Media SEO Toolbar are a testimony to the company’s undisputed supremacy. With sophisticated Backlinks Builder, Blog Commenting and Directory Submission modules, the AdMax Media SEO Toolbar is a one-in-all Mobile SEO helpdesk.

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