Mobile Website Development from Lenco Mobile

Mobile websites are used to display new brands, materials, services, videos or other sources of marketing brands in new and diverse mobile technology industries. Mobile websites can be created by anyone who is adept at computers or can be created using third party services, like Lenco Mobile Inc. Every day new mobile websites are created and for businesses that still do not have an optimized mobile website.  Well, without one, your business and services will not prosper long. Mobile websites are also a vital measure to ensuring your products are seen and used as they can be utilized to reach your customers any time, anywhere, via a mobile device.

Making mobile websites effective requires limited extra “fluff,” but requires more than just a single color as a backdrop and some lines of text. Mobile websites should include pictures of the company and services or materials provided which needs advertising. Online video or photo storage includes thumbnails for viewers to skim through. The key is to have a healthy balance of text and image so that the mobile website doesn’t take too long to open. Mobile users are a lot less patient than desktop users so it is vital that the mobile website does not lag while loading. Mobile websites should also include contact information, a section about the company, a section for the products and services and a pathway for purchasing items directly from your mobile website. Mobile commerce is on the rise and when visitors see something they want to buy, well, they want to buy it right then and there- so give your users the functionality they want and you may find yourself with repeat customers down the road.

The top thirty most viewed mobile websites is a list which continually records and edits new mobile websites which have something unique to offer the mobile community. The top websites are recorded based off the number of hits and links that are recorded. When a potential customer views the mobile website they become a hit. Each subsequent link upon which they click while browsing through the website, equal a link following. With an average of over one thousand links, the top mobile websites include YouTube, Maxim, Wikipedia, Google, Weather, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Traffic, Sports and news sites. Can your mobile website make this list?

With online strategies evolving to the point that mobile websites are now a key pillar in the world of technology and a key resource for marketing campaigns, mobile websites are a great asset to have in your company’s business plan.

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