Lenco Mobile Game Development

Do you have a mobile store, or do you plan to set one up shortly? Either way, you are going to need high quality content to attract visitors to your mobile website and actually make some money. There are several types of content that sell like hotcakes in mobile websites, and games are by far one of the most popular types. However, before you start running a section dedicated to games on your mobile website, you need to know what kind of games people are interested in. After all, if nobody even bothers to download your games, what use are those, right?

Games can be of a few main subtypes. Each subtype is favored by a particular section of the population. So, by incorporating the right kinds of games in your website, you have the chance of attracting people of all ages to your mobile website. Here are the three major types of mobile games:

  1. Puzzle games: This genre is known to rule the hearts of women of all ages, so much so that they account for 65% of the total number of puzzle games downloaded all over the world! Most puzzle games will gain at least some kind of fan following, but in order to make it a success, you have to make sure that the games are designed keeping women in mind. That would mean the use of soothing colors in the levels, a good soundtrack, and puzzles that are neither too easy nor frustrating. Maintaining this delicate balance properly can make the difference between a hugely successful puzzle game and one that barely manages to post a dozen downloads. This is why it is best to get these games developed by experienced professionals.
  2. Action/ Adventure games: The domain of puzzle games may be ruled by ladies, but this genre is where men rule the roost, accounting for as many as 60% of total downloads worldwide. Naturally, you would have to keep in mind the demands of men if you are going to make some serious cash out of your investments in the development of the games. Bold colors in the levels, big weapons with booming sound effects and challenging enemies to battle all ‘play’ their parts in making an action/ adventure game a grand success. Always have these games developed by professionals, in order to exploit the income opportunity from these to the maximum.
  3. Racing games: The third genre that is indisputably popular is that of racing games. These are popular between visitors of almost all age groups, and thus have great potential of becoming grand successes.

If you have gotten the games developed by professional organizations like Lenco Mobile, you can be sure that those will attract the customers’ attention enough to draw cash out of their wallets. Now all that remains is to monetize the games. You can either charge a fee for downloads, or can simply incorporate advertisements in the games themselves. Either way, you are sure to make a good deal of cash every month that will more than justify your investments in getting the games produced in the first place.

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