Lenco Mobile MMS Statements

Lenco Mobile Inc., based in Santa Barbara, California has pioneered the delivery of bulk MMS statements into mobile phones. A mobile phone statement could be a utility bill, a credit card statement, a car rental remittance, or any document that would ordinarily be dropped in the mail.

The MMS statement technology was developed and patented by Lenco Mobile through its subsidiary in South Africa, Multimedia Solutions. And so far several South African companies like Multichoice, the Ellerines Group and Deloitte are starting to explore the possibilities offered by mobile statements, so the future looks very positive.

Besides the technical advantages offered by mobile statements, there is a significant “green” factor contributing to the interest in the product. Because the MMS statements are totally electronic, there is no paper involved in the delivery and therefore the cost of traditional mail are totally eliminated. Lenco Mobile director of International Operations, Gerrit Otto forecasts that the company will soon be delivering millions of MMS statements on a monthly basis.

Any amount of information can be included in the MMS statement, allowing the client to track at a glance what his monthly spend, payments or transaction history has been. In addition to the MMS, Lenco Mobile offers the ability to incorporate a mobi-site into the statement process. Unlike online statements, the mobisite can be accessed directly from the mobile phone without the need for a fixed Internet connection. In this way, should information which is not included in the MMS be required, a link can be provided that will allow users to view the additional information on the mobi-site. Again, all information is completely secure, and the user need not remember any passwords or access codes, as access is granted based on the mobile phone number detection capability built into the site itself.

Lenco Mobile will assist you with the scheduling of statement campaigns in such a way that when the call center is involved, smaller volumes are sent per hour over consecutive days to prevent the call center from being flooded with calls. We will also ensure that statements are sent during “user-friendly” times to ensure that recipient’s queries are managed in a seamless and professional manner.

Wireless carriers are working hard to ensure that subscribers retain the same number for life. This ensures that your client’s mobile information is always up to date.

Lenco Mobile provides clients with detailed reporting on all statement campaigns, during and after the send. Reporting on the number of messages sent delivery status of these messages and whether the messages were retrieved, rejected or expired is provided by Lenco Mobile’s platform.

Should other measurable campaign results be made available, these figures will be included in the reports. An alternative message can then be sent to clients who failed to receive their MMS statement.  The face of mobile statements has changed forever.

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