Lenco Mobile Websites (.mobi sites)

With the increasing usage of smartphones to access the web, a new top-level domain (.mobi) has been added to the Internet DNS (Domain Name System). The sites with .mobi suffix represent websites which are recommended to be accessed through browsers on mobile handsets rather than computers.

Though .mobi sites have been around since 2006, they’ve exploded in popularity only in the last couple of years. So, what’s the motivation behind mobile websites? Wouldn’t a website appear just as good on a computer and mobile phone? Though not many people realize it, but the answer to that question is a big No! For starters, the display screens on mobile devices are far smaller than computers and notebooks. In addition to that, mobile phones have limited processing ability so mobile-based browsers need to be light-weight. Therefore, a site which displays perfectly in a browser on a computer may take forever to load on a mobile browser and hence the need for developing mobile websites in conjunction with websites that can be accesses through computers.

How do .mobi sites differ from their web-based counterparts? Though there are no clear rules to define this segregation, .mobi sites have a fundamental requirement that they must provide a consistent UI experience to users while avoiding un-necessary scrolling and pagination.

Building and maintaining .mobi sites isn’t as easy as it sounds, primarily because each device has its own display size and each browser has its own rendering capabilities. Therefore, if you want to get a .mobi site developed for your business or company, it is strongly advisable to hire mobile website development specialists. Since a majority of companies look to develop mobile websites for their marketing/ advertising needs, it makes sense to choose a vendor which proven competence in both .mobi site development as well as mobile marketing. Lenco Mobile is a champion in mobile technologies – be it launching innovative mobile marketing campaigns or developing world-class .mobi sites for your requirements.

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