Mobile Platform From Lenco Mobile

With mobile technology taking center stage for advertising and marketing, there’s a strong need for advanced mobile platforms which are powerful yet easy to use for customers. When contemplating the adoption of a mobile platform, the learning curve involved is often the biggest concern for customers.

The term mobile platform is often used as a synonym for mobile operating systems (aka mobile OS, handheld operating system). As like its computer counterpart, a mobile platform can be classified as open source or proprietary. Google’s Android is the leading open source mobile OS. Android’s source code is available to developers and Google offers it free of cost to phone manufacturers. When it comes to proprietary mobile operating systems, Apple’s iOS, Symbian and Blackberry OS are the market leaders.

However, the term mobile platform isn’t just limited to mobile operating systems. It encompasses a wide variety of platforms which facilitate development of mobile applications such as messaging, advertising, social networking, gaming, business apps and lots more.

From a developer’s perspective, the foremost requirement of a mobile platform is the ease of development. The easier it is to build apps, the more popular it is liable to be amongst developers. As for customers, security and cost of development are the primary concerns when choosing a suitable mobile platform.

Choosing a suitable mobile platform can often be a tricky business for customers. For example, a customer is looking for an advanced MMS platform is bound to have concerns over bandwidth, load balancing and the ability to manage high load without degrading performance issues. While there are thousands of several MMS platforms readily available in the market, not all of them cater to such performance-sensitive requirements. In such cases, it’s better to stick with the tried and tested industry leading solutions.

One such advanced MMS mobile platform is offered by Lenco Mobile. In addition to being feature-rich and fully secure, Lenco Mobile’s MMS platform offers a number of advanced features such as the ability to track delivery reports, embed URL links in MMS messages, load balancing and MMS personalization.

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