Business Mobile Solutions from Lenco Mobile

Today, many businesses operate online, have online web pages, and depend on multiple Internet services to keep up with the fast-spreading technological society. According to AdMob, in February 2010, the increased usage of mobile technology was reflected in AdMob’s Network data; the data showed an increase in mobile Internet devices, accounting for 17% of AdMob’s network’s total traffic. Currently, ninety-two nations have more than 10 million requests for mobile Internet. Lenco Mobile stands at the forefront of much of this progress, incorporating its extensive knowledge of marketing and technology within the mobile world.

It’s Mobile Coupon online and mobile marketing platform personifies its new approach to technology. It allows sellers to reach consumers with offers and promotions through the consumers’ mobile phones. By simply utilizing an online website, consumers can make product selections and receive electronically a coupon via SMS or MMS to their mobile phones.

Lenco Mobile also offers cutting-edge technology that is desirable for green-friendly and on-the-go consumers. The Mobile Statements application allows consumers to receive statements on their mobile devices. The statements are personalized to the consumer in a letter-like fashion, and, once it’s received, the consumers’ statements and information can be found and accessed via the Mobi Site that stores important information. Also, for green-friendly consumers, this application decreases the amount of paper that would otherwise be necessary to use for such paper-based statements.

Similar to both the Mobile Coupon and Mobile Statements, Lenco Mobile custom designs, builds and manages Mobi Sites for cliental that provide services that enable the use of mobile phones to perform functions such as accessing bank accounts and downloading coupons. The Mobi Sites also have the ability to track both the users of the Mobi Site and the content that the users accessed. These technologically-advanced services are on the cutting edge of the mobile phone sector and expand the usage of mobile devices.

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