Why use Lenco Mobile to deliver your MMS messages?

Building a personal relationship with a user base.

With response rates of over 40 percent on certain campaigns, MMS messaging is a medium that is worth investigating. MMS marketing is no longer a channel that is being trialled by companies, but has proven its impact, with companies now sending out campaigns of millions of MMS messages at a time.

At the top of the list of what makes MMS messaging such an attractive medium to communicate with has to be speed to market.

The process of putting the creative content together for a MMS campaign can be done within 36 hours, meaning the process of designing a campaign and sending it out is far quicker than traditional media campaigns.

In terms of distribution, the MMS can be sent to literally millions of mobile phones in a day, should the client want to communicate on a scale that large. Penetration into the market is incredibly quick and in most cases MMS are opened within a few hours of receipt. This means that companies now have an interactive and efficient channel to talk directly to their clients at short notice.

Retailers can use MMS for reminders about in-store or online specials; MMS messages are also ideal reminders for events; and they are ideal for call to action campaigns like sending people to a mobile website (mobi-site) or sending information to a short code SMS number.

Furthermore, unlike most channels, the mobile phone is personal to the consumer. While consumers are not always in front of their TV, PC or listening to their radio or reading something in print, they are generally not far from their phones. And when the message tone rings, consumers respond.

MMS adaptability:

MMS has been used across various sectors with notable successes. The telecommunications networks use them for retention of mobile phone subscribers, retailers have used MMS to promote in-store specials with some Multimedia Solutions clients seeing a 30 percent increase in store traffic after a MMS campaign detailing in-store specials.

MMS have been used in other sectors including the automotive sector, entertainment and consumer technology.

Furthermore in the financial services sector, one of the major banks has used MMS campaigns to make clients aware of urgent payments required on their credit cards. The campaign resulted in a significant reduction in credit card debt.

The great thing about MMS is also the measurability. Call to action campaigns can send people to mobi-sites; give them a short code to SMS or a call centre number, all of which can be measured.

Mobi-sites can be monitored for increases in traffic after the campaign. Mobisites are able to track mobile phone numbers which have accessed the site, giving companies a clear indication of the success of the campaign.

And with call centers, the sending out of MMS campaigns can be staggered to ensure call centers are not overwhelmed by people calling in, with distribution rates being increased or decreased as needed on an hourly basis.

Updating the database:

Lenco Mobile’s reporting on MMS campaigns also shows which mobile phone numbers in the company’s database are eligible to receive MMS. This is an important service which is not widely offered by mobile marketing companies. Managing opt-in and opt-out records is also a legal requirement in many countries.

Lenco Mobile’s clients submit their database of numbers for validation and Lenco Mobile will identify which phones are capable of receiving the MMS and which mobile phone numbers are valid.

Where there are mobile phones which are not MMS compatible, these can be provisioned for notification via SMS. Should the SMS not work either, alternative contact details can be used such as email or calling a landline. The process of sending out a MMS is therefore an ideal way to scrub and update a database.

Furthermore, on MMS campaigns, live reporting is provided when the MMS messages is sent out; and whether they are downloaded or not.

Think strategically:

MMS campaigns and mobile marketing initiatives can be executed separately or as part of a broader campaign. Many companies use MMS along with mobi-sites as a primary way to market themselves, but mobile marketing also works extremely well when integrated into through the line campaigns.

MMS messaging is an ideal add-on to a TV campaign as people can be reached on their mobile phones, while watching TV, and an MMS can be used to supplement print and radio campaigns or send people into retail stores.

The power of MMS messaging therefore lies in capturing consumers’ attention and then directing them somewhere, either to a mobi-site using their mobile phone or to another form of media or to a store.

Using MMS and mobi-sites in tandem is particularly powerful because once people are directed from a MMS to a mobi-site, a login environment on the mobisite enables advertisers to capture details of visitors and continue ongoing dialogue with them based on their interests.

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