Lenco Mobile Mobi-Site Development

Lenco Mobile utilizes its technical understanding of a mobile phone’s graphics capability and functionality to build mobile websites, also known as mobi-sites that stand out and capture people’s attention.

While mobi-sites can be used as an extension of a company’s website, Lenco Mobile works with clients to evolve their mobi-sites into a dynamic and personal experience, where companies interact personally with their mobile user base.

Where networks make the MSISDN number available, Lenco Mobile can customize the content on the site based on the user browsing the site. This includes customizing the graphics to suit the user’s specific mobile phone and even the content being displayed on the mobi-site.

Mobi-sites also allow companies to offer additional value added services to clients since mobi-site are interactive, like a normal website. Orders can be placed from mobi websites and information can be retrieved by the consumer. Mobi-sites can also be used in call-to-action campaigns, with MMS campaigns driving users to the mobi-sites where they can fill out information and submit it via text. This makes the point of execution, the point of interaction, thereby creating a direct, two-way communication stream between companies and their user bases.

Lenco Mobile is at the forefront of development on mobi sites. Some developed sites are taking it even further, giving consumers the ability to initiate purchasing decisions through a mobi site. This will soon be extended to services like tracking packages, account balances, and e-commerce.

Lenco Mobile is currently delivering several hundred million page impressions per month to all makes and models of mobile phones for major clients including some of the world’s leading wireless carriers.

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