Lenco Mobile & Jetcast Joint Venture

Lenco Mobile Inc., a leading mobile phone and Internet solutions provider, and Jetcast, Inc., leading provider of monetization solutions for Internet radio and television broadcasters, are offering a loyalty based platform, RadioLoyalty Loyalty platform. This program will reward Internet radio audiences for listening to their favorite broadcasts, for performing searches, and engaging in other activities right from inside the station’s player. AdMax Media Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenco Mobile Inc., worked with Jetcast to develop the technical infrastructure for the RadioLoyalty platform.

This program is free for stations and listeners to use. It is a win-win situation because it rewards the listener and the station at the same time. As soon as a listener becomes registered with RadioLoyalty, they earn points for different activities automatically.  One of these activities is watching or listening to a participating station’s Internet broadcast.  Listeners can also use any of the apps inside the new UniversalPlayer’s App Store or use Twitter and Facebook.  Adding to their point collection, they can perform searches and refer friends to the station.  Listeners can redeem the points that they earn for goods and services inside the RadioLoyalty store.  The RadioLoyalty program works on desktops, laptops, and mobile handsets so listeners can access the player and earn RadioLoyalty points no matter what device they are using to access the broadcaster’s stream.

The player is completely customizable so broadcasters can create their own look and feel. Better yet, the tools within the RadioLoyalty program help the Internet broadcaster succeed in the digital marketplace by enhancing audience satisfaction, dramatically increasing the usage of their Internet broadcast, and growing the station’s monthly recurring revenue.

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