Lenco Customer Mobile Database

The Mobile Platform promotes our MMS messaging platform and solutions and links directly into the wireless carrier’s MMSC, using an Internet Protocol interface completely developed and operated by a subsidiary of Lenco Group. Once connected to the MMSC, we are able to significantly reduce the size of an MMS message and distribute that MMS message to any make and model wireless handset, irrespective of the operating system the subscriber uses. Our compression technology saves money in bandwidth costs for the wireless carrier and reduces MMS message size by 80%.

In a globalized economy, it is necessary to have a global presence. Lenco Mobile has offices in the UK, US, and Australia. The company is looking to expand the operation to important markets such as in Asia and the Middle East which we intend to commercialize in early 2010. Lenco Technology Group Limited provides technical support to our international operations, while Lenco Mobile USA takes care of our domestic U.S operations.

Our company slogan is “The Science of Creating, Keeping and Leveraging Customers,” and what better way to do it than to provide clients with added value? Certainly one of the most valuable services our clients need is data and data management. With a mobile customer database, you can record everything your customer is doing on your MMS advertisement, which allows you to predict what your client’s needs are in order to better service their interests. Using the Mobile Customer Database, you can list mobile numbers to send out MMS text messages to with a personalized greeting introducing a new product or inviting them to participate in a survey. The Mobile Database is truly a fantastic tool that allows you to manage your customers and their contact information for sue whenever you need to market your products, send out invitations, or simply keep in touch anytime, everywhere.

When utilizing our Mobile Customer Database, you can track historical data and use it in your own product development by searching for patterns and trends with your customer data. View purchase history, support requests, geo-location data, and much more using our Mobile Customer Database services. This technology will help you develop a better product focused precisely on what your client really needs, because our database has provided you with that historical information so that you can better gauge customer behavior and interests.

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