Lenco Mobile Statements

Lenco Mobile Statements are a green technology that will help our planet save hundreds of thousands of trees in the long run. This technology eliminates the paper statements sent monthly to customers by big companies. Eventually, as this technology becomes more of a common practice, we are counting on preserving our trees. It’s a waste how many trees are cut down each year. It is better to preserve our trees and send paper statements electronically. You may wonder, “How many trees are really cut down each year?” Well, according to reports, there are more than 60,000 square kilometers of trees cut down per year; however this number is even incorrect as this data is incomplete due to a lack of available data from many countries that do not monitor such change. As to the “number of trees” this represents, it’s impossible to get an accurate count, however tree density in primary forests varies from 50,000-100,000 trees per square km, so the math would put this number at 3 billion to 6 billion trees per year, out of that about 40% are used to make paper alone in the U.S. What a waste! Going green is easy with our mobile statements. This magnificent application has the ability to significantly reduce the volume of paper and postage needed to communicate with consumers; this will not only save thousands of trees, but also millions of dollars that are invested every month in postage to distribute those paper statements. Going green saves you money, imagine that.

Lenco Mobile Statements are a unique, mobile phone statement application, designed to deliver statements directly to the target subscriber’s phone. The application includes a delivery report option, so every time the customer receives a statement you will be notified in real time. The statements can be also customized for each individual consumer, much like customizing a letter. Once the statement is delivered to the phone, the consumer is able to successfully access a Mobi Site that securely stores all of their relevant account information. There are millions of potential clients for this product and great market possibilities in developing economies.

Lenco has recently applied for a Patent Convention Treaty patent for the mobile phone statement product and will prosecute the PCT patent application in markets we believe the product will have commercial potential.

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