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Along with the great variety of marketing tools offered by Lenco Mobile, we have Mobile Coupons, designed to connect sellers of products with consumers. These mobile coupons offers of products, carry out promotions, and deliver vouchers to consumers via their mobile handsets. Consumers are able to access an Internet website and choose products or services provided by our retail and brand owner partners. When a product or service is selected, a digital certificate or voucher is sent by SMS to the consumer’s phone and is then redeemed electronically by the retailer at the point of sale. There are already dozens of marketing strategies moving towards the mobile marketplace, like mobile video, mobile audio, mobile applications, etc, but it is valuable to note that all competitive strategies are content specific and targeted to reach a particular audience. Mobile Coupons, used in conjunction with our Mobile Customer Database services, can be focused on a particular audience using the database’s historical information of user interests. Find out what users are reading and actually clicking on and use that information in your own product development by searching for patterns and trends to strengthen your marketing and advertising strategies.

Mobile Applications increase visitor frequency and engagement so by giving your users more to do with their messages, you can keep your audience and leverage their interests. A few ways to engage your user base has been accomplished with the use of interactive games, surveys, quizzes and purchase based loyalty rewards. But what about reaching your audience during times when they cannot stare at their mobile screen? If they receive a message, and do not have the chance to read it, will your advertisement be lost and never glanced at again? Not with the Mobile IVR it won’t. The Mobile IVR offers users a route to access the content they want, by listening rather than reading! This application allows users to send email and text messages by speaking into their mobile devices, therefore broadening the interactivity between the consumer and the offer. Voice channel mobile marketing allows consumers to accept mobile campaigns with a voice call, while the campaign would reply back with a voice call or text message. The reverse is also possible where consumers accept with a text and receive a response back via IVR, making it consumer friendly and allowing greater user and advertisement interaction.

In a recent article Lenco Mobile, a leading mobile phone and Internet solutions provider and Jetcast Inc., a leading provider of monetization solutions for Internet radio and television broadcasters, announced they have joined forces to launch RadioLoyaltyTM, a listener loyalty program created to reward Internet radio audiences for using their favorite stations’ Internet broadcasts. The program is designed to increase the usage of a station’s Internet broadcast and reward its listeners.

When a listener registers with RadioLoyaltyTM, the listener automatically earns points for various activities including listening to or watching a participating station’s Internet broadcast, using any of the apps inside the new, previously announced, UniversalPlayer’s App Store, sharing via social media communities like Twitter and Facebook, performing searches, and referring friends to the station, among other things. Loyalty Points can be redeemed for goods and services inside the RadioLoyaltyTM store.

The big picture here is that once this RadioLoyaltyTM program gains enough followers, the marketing possibilities through the Lenco Mobile’s mobile technologies are endless, as it combines all five of the Media technologies such as mobile coupons, mobile content, Mobile Apps, Mobile IVR and the up and coming Mobile PMF.

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