Lenco Mobile Technology Services

Lenco Mobile offers the advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system used to launch, manage, and track campaigns from start to finish. We’ve learned through years of industry experience what works and what does not work. Take advantage of our trial and error by utilizing our tried and tested system. Some of the benefits you will find with this system include fraud filter. Block suspicious transactions by including IP analytics and affiliate sub ID tracking trends and validation requirements. This system will prompt users with error messages to reenter valid information, if information provided is presumed to be incorrect.
As campaigns grow, numerous tracking pixels will need to be placed and managed and our system allows that with the click of a button. Our CRM system allows for multi-laired tracking to optimize performance several affiliate levels deep. This tool helps to examine traffic quality and performance on as detailed a level as possible. We offer a state of the art reporting interface, in real time, with a user friendly analytics data base.

More services, through AdMax Media Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Lenco Mobile Inc. are the Colocation and Web Hosting serives. All services are fully integrated with our cutting edge media services, allowing us to assist with your strategic marketing initiatives as well.

SB Colo is a full service Colocation provider with every facility maintaining the following key components: redundant power sources, multiple network carriers providing unsurpassed reliability and performance, on-site professional staff to monitor and provide assistance and optional managed firewall and data backup services. SB Colo can provide completely optimized services allowing you to leverage our resources as needed with low monthly commitments. These services provided include: Network Administration, Network Monitoring, Managed Firewall Services, Server Administration, Managed Backup Services, Managed Web Services, and Virtualization and Disaster Recovery.

Maximize your dollar and strategy by using SB Colo to augment your IT staff. SB Colo’s managed hosting is the most cost effective hosting solution for businesses needing reliability and access to cutting-edge services including 24/7/365 on-call support, Professional services, including Marketing and Media and Data services. Inside our facilities you always have the option to BYOC “Bring your own carrier,” run with our fully managed bandwidth, or mix and match as required.

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