Lenco Mobile Messaging

As a company of the world with offices in the UK, the US, Australia, and still more to come in Asia and the Middle East, our products are far reaching and very effective in the global market. Among the variety of products we offer brand owners, one is the ability to send bulk MMS messages to their customers using our mobile platform. Lenco Mobile Messaging offers an extraordinary tool for mobile marketing campaign design and management system, called FlightPlan. FlightPlan provides a simple to use, graphical user interface, that creates and sends MMS messages via the Wireless Carrier, thereby simplifying the lives of advertisers and campaign managers alike. This tool sets the business rules, provides campaign measurement tools, and also sets the orientation of the visual images as well as integrates the audio files for a professional and attractive campaign presentation and management. FlightDeck is our proprietary bulk MMS messaging server that is installed at the Wireless Carrier’s technology centre. Its technology delivers MMS messages in a fully automated, and managed environment, enabling the Wireless Carrier to track the scheduling and uptake of MMS messages, as well as the load capacity and timeslot allocation of sent messages.

This brilliant technology will allow you to prioritize an MMS campaign that is time sensitive and assures you that it will be delivered at the precise time to the right target subscribers. But our services is not limited to just this service, we also offer the ability to update content remotely and on the fly, in case the objectives of any campaign changes in real time. You will be able to manage risk and efficiency, so that every campaign distributed through FlightDeck will not conflict with another clients’ campaign. Multiple sending options are available and the capacity is managed in a way that the wireless network will never be overloaded causing it to result in delivery failure. Using our products, this occurrence simply will not happen.  Licensing this technology to Wireless Carriers permits them to manage their own MMS campaigns at a set price.

And, last but not least, we are presenting a technology, the EPS server application, which enables a Wireless Carrier to deliver bulk MMS messaging outside of their core network MMSC by uniquely encoding an MMS message. With such technology, in addition to the high volume bulk MMS messaging, brand owners will be able to deliver approximately 500 MMS messages per second, at well bellow half the current average prices! This is 1,000% more than the current average of 50 MMS per second in most networks.

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